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Non-start despite engine crank, DTC codes P2505:00-25, P0A09:00-25, P0562:00-25,

Started by chabadav, May 06, 2024, 02:18:50 PM

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Several months ago, my Ford Galaxy 2.0tdci 103kW, 2007 model failed to start and ADAC came but told me the in-tank fuel pump needed replacing (there is no such fuel pump in the diesel tank and the fuel is sucked directly from HP pump!).

I ran FORSCAN and got codes P2505, P0A09, P0562 and P0191 from the ECU/PCM.

I towed to local Garage, where they eventually looked at it and told me there was either a fault with the PCM or the wiring loom and it was not worth repairing, much to my consternation - the car is otherwise great as I have looked after it. I could get the PCM repaired for 200-300 EUR by sending to specialized company but I first want to rule other things out.

I want to look at possible grounding issues with wires from PCM as well as power input to PCM from Relay in fuse box.

Does anyone have wiring diagrams for me to locate the 6 ground wires coming from PCM connectors as well as power inputs?


Finally had some more time to look a bit further into the electronics fault.

I jumped the relay (bridged with wire) so power could be transmitted to PCM.
Disconnected the 3 PCM harnesses and tested following power feeds with 12V light attached to ground:
- 3 power feeds direct from relay, all on harness 3: C3-K2, C3-K1, C3-J1) and constant +12V feed from fuse F10 to PCM on harness 2: C2-G4.
Then, with 12V light connected to battery +'ve, tested all PCM grounds, 2 on each harness: C1-G4, C1-H4, C2-L4, C2-M4, C3-J2, C3-K2.

All connections were good (light came on) so most likely fault is within the PCM and not wiring loom.

I therefore sent the PCM to a company here in Germany that specializes in car electronics (Rickim Elektronik GmbH) and can repair Steuergeräte (PCM's) from a variety of manufacturers. Will cost €70 for them to perform initial tests and will take it from there. Will take 1-2 weeks.

I can try to upload some pics if anyone interested - not so simple here as need to give a URL for each image...

here are a couple of photos to show how I bridged the appropriate relay and a summary of the tests I did

So, today I got a call from the company where I shipped the Steruegerät (PCM) of the Galaxy and they told me that everything is working OK and the fault must be elsewhere.

I am really frustrated by this as I now have to continue trying to find the underlying fault.

Any advice about where to look for the problem of low voltage/low fuel pressure?

Could the alternator be a cause of non-start, if not working properly? The person from the company where I sent the PCM said this may be the case. I thought this was only relevant for charging the battery and not for initial start-up of engine.

I do not really want to start opening all the wiring in the engine bay to try and find a fault (break/short(poor earthing etc.)