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Rear tyre wear

Started by mikewilson, April 06, 2024, 03:11:54 PM

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Good to be back.  Odd that I could see the forum page but any venture beyond that brought up a complete blank.  Anyway.....

This bleeding Galaxy is on its third set of rear tyres already.  They are wearing in a _very_ narrow strip on the inner edge.  Although two four wheel alignments have said that it is set up properly, it clearly is not.  Could it be something to do with being a cusp vehicle?  Being set up for the Mark before the one it actually is as far as suspension goes?  Had to put a set of ditchfinders on this time - I won't be buying good tyres until this is sorted.

To be honest Mike our MK2 always worn like that, keeping the tyre pressure to the loaded setting helps but does not cure.
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