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Mk3 SEAT Alhambra 4motion 4x4 availability

Started by Caitlin, January 01, 2018, 01:32:34 PM

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Just looking at ordering another Alhambra but this time i want 4 wheel drive as we go t the highlands a lot with some err interesting experiences in the past.

I was under the impression you could get the new Alhambra as a 4x4 but I cant find the option to do so on the configurator on SEATS site or for the VW Sharan. There are youtube videos of both the new models claiming to be 4x4 so what gives?

I was also considering the new galaxy which has the 180bhp engine and AWD. Do I really have to rule out the VW offerings?
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For reasons unknown (but probably because it would make selling the audi a3, vw tiguan and seat alteca harder) you can't get a 4mo version of either in the UK... madness. The Ford Galaxy on the other hand you can get in AWD variant :)

Same reason you cant get the Touran Cross here either :(
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