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Mk3 Alhambra electric sliding rear door very slow when closing

Started by Beth Saunders, November 04, 2016, 10:43:35 PM

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hi everyone, newb here!

My drivers rear electric door is acting up, it can close almost normally but does not do the final suck-in bit like it used to so it sits like if you only latched a door normally. When I want to open it either push the dashboard button or via remote it just makes a noise and opens about 1cm, almost as if its just opened to that same catch position.
I can shove it from inside and eventually it will move out enough to start sliding but by that time the electronic sliding door is more of a heave it yourself Im not moving door.

My brother checked the fuse and sprayed everything in 3in1 oil but it didnt make a difference. Is there something easy to look at or is there a learning process like the windows I need to follow?


I think there is a relay that packs up on the sharan/Alhambra sliding doors that gives symptoms you have. Best bet is a vcds scan first see if it shows a fault.

November 05, 2016, 11:16:13 PM #2 Last Edit: November 05, 2016, 11:17:41 PM by Beth Saunders
Thanks @johnnyroper I got my dad to scan the car today:

Address BF: Sliding Door Rear Right       Labels: 7N0-959-244.clb
Control Module Part Number: 7N0 959 244     HW: 7N0 959 244
Component and/or Version: Schiebetuer_r 005 2213

              ASAM Dataset: EV_AST A03002 (VW36)

1 Fault Found:
42243 - Internal Control Module
          P1603 00 [137] - Failed Self-Test
          Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00100001
                    Fault Priority: 3
                    Fault Frequency: 7           
                    Mileage: 53686 km
                    Date: 2052.14.28
                    Time: 11:51:39

sounds like you  could be right with relay. is it easy to change and where is it located? TIA

Part of the control unit that is located by the mechanism behind the internal quarter panel trim. I dare say it will not be cheap to change though?

Its part of the door controller 7N0959244 and is becoming a fairly common fault.


The bad news is that its fitted onto the rail assembly is a PITA to get to, you need to remove the 3rd row 'door' card to get to it - Its number 14 on this image:

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Just to let you know I got my brother to change the control module today and the door is now working again yay! He said it wasnt that difficult to do but very fiddly. Cost me Ã,£350 for the part and the parts guy claims it isnt a common part to fail  [NO]