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2011 Sharan Wiper issues

Started by timsamsara, October 06, 2022, 09:20:09 AM

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Hi very new to VW and my front wipers will only start working when i pull away.  obvs slightly dangerous as if there is moisture on the screen you can't see. plus my front washer has stopped working.  Any suggestions?  Yes there is fluid in the reservoir, and they have worked before.

Sounds like the rain sensor isn't working properly. First step is locate where it is on the windscreen and make sure the screen is clean around it. Might be a sensitivity adjustment on the stalk?

Can you hear washer pump running?

The front wipers wont auto-start until the cars moved, its to prevent them ripping if the glass was frozen. Its not really dangerous, just flick the sensitivity adjust up and down and they'll wipe.
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