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12v sockets non live????

Started by ginettaman, August 02, 2021, 08:55:05 PM

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Another silly issue from old car to new car. The 2016 Alhambra has 3 12v sockets but none work unless the ignition is on? The old car Gal had live sockets. I found that the fuse 29 powers them but is there an option to make at least one work without the ignition on? Some VWs have an offset fuse that can be moved to make them live but fuse 29 is fixed position on my car. Is there a simple way to send a power feed to fuse 29 or could that cause canbus issues damage?
I can see me having to buy a pair of crocodile clips to clip on the battery for a live socket which seems ridiculous.
When camping I used the live sockets for the air bed pump and overnight phone charging without needing the flipping ignition leaving on and keys in.

No idea of there is a way to get them live all the time, are you wanting to get them all live or just 1?

I'm fairly sure the 12v sockets are BCM controlled and their behaviour can be controlled with VCDS. Look in the long coding for anything related to Terminal 15 and/or Terminal 30.

It will control all 3 sockets though, you won't be able to specify which one and they will likely still turn off when the car enters deep sleep so may not be ideal for your application although again, I think there is an option to exclude them from load management.
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