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Ford Galaxy Mk3 - Removal of Petrol Tank, 2.0 litre Petrol engine

Started by GethThomas, August 24, 2015, 10:05:50 PM

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Removal of Petrol Tank, Galaxy mk3 2007, 2.0litre Petrol

Jack the back of the car up, I used a 2 ton trolley jack, and placed it under the sub frame (just in front of the back axle), jacked it as high as I could, and then used axle stands under the Anti Roll Bar bush brackets.
I used safety glasses ââ,¬â€œ I donââ,¬â,,¢t like dirt dropping in my eyes.
I then used 3ââ,¬Â fence posts, flat on the floor, one on top of the other, to take the weight of the tank when it did come loose. I had two rows of fence posts, one on the left hand side of the tank, and one on the Right Hand Side of the tank.
I then used my mechanics Ring LED light (I got mine from Screwfix), and a 13mm socket with a 10ââ,¬Â extension bar, to undue the 4 bolts, one on each end of the two tank straps. I then marked up which way they went back.


My tank was just over Ã,½ full of petrol. I used a Ã,¼ drive adapter (From eBay) in my cordless black and decker drill, with a 7mm socket. Undo the jubilee clip on the flexible filler pipe, but be sure to have a container to catch the petrol as it pours out. I used a washing up bowl. When the fuel level is low enough in the tank, put a plastic bag over the pipe to stop any fuel leakage/dirt ingress.


The Black and decker was really useful to tighten/loosen the jubilee clip, as you try and hold the tank up with your other arm to stop the petrol pouring out.
Once the tank is empty, it is really light weight because it is plastic. Wriggle it loose over the exhaust pipe, keeping an eye on the electrical connector to the top of the fuel
pump (the fuel Pump sits inside the fuel tank).
Here was my problem pipe:


It had somehow managed to jiggle loose. When you turn on the ignition, the whir noise you hear is the petrol pump priming, so when I turned on the ignition, petrol would be squirting out of the top of the pump, and dripping on the floor. I replaced the fuel pump about 2months ago, but didnââ,¬â,,¢t get the tank on to the floor, I tried to fit the fuel line into the top of the pump when the tank was at this odd angle under the car. Today, I got the entire tank off and onto the floor.
The problem pipe is in black, with a white tip, it need to sit in the quick connector in the top of the fuel pump, itââ,¬â,,¢s just a push and click fitting.


The electrical cable will just lift off, itââ,¬â,,¢s a bit stiff, so give it a wiggle.The main pipe that runs the length of the car, has this fitting. You need to press in the two white tips, which push the white off your pipe, and then you wriggle the fuel line loose. In the photo you can just about see the yellow olive/washer/grommet. This meant that I could remove the short length of fuel hose, and fit it to the top of the fuel pump before I lifted the tank back up.
Here is the fuel pump that I replaced last time. Note the float valve, take care not to damage this.


The rubber washer/collar sits INSIDE the top of the tank opening, otherwise you wonââ,¬â,,¢t get the black cap ring on. All I can think is that when I replaced the fuel pump (I got mine from Eurocarparts for approx. Ã,£350 including VAT), I didnââ,¬â,,¢t push the fuel line in far enough onto the top of the fuel pump.
Here is the photo of it all fixed.


When you push the fuel line in far enough, the white collar inside the clip sort of pops into place.
Job done, car started up first time after lifting the petrol tank back on, and refilling with petrol.
Any questions, please contact me via forumââ,¬Â¦