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Ford Galaxy Mk3 - Headlight Masking for Driving Abroad / Europe

Started by Mirez, July 29, 2014, 07:59:58 PM

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This topic details how to apply a headlight mask to the Ford Galaxy Mk3 Headlights for driving abroad (Halogen Lamps only)

Note: The templates and instructions are for RHD vehicles only, they are not compatible with LHD vehicles!

1. Print out the PDF containing the templates that's attached to this post. (Right at the bottom of the thread or, if you are logged in, click here)
2. Measure the X measurement on the printed template.
3. Calculate the enlargement/reduction factor using the formula:

Enlargement/Reduction% = 25 / X Ãâ€"100. Where X = measurement on the printed template in millimeters

4. Use a photocopiers enlargement/reduction feature to adjust the template using the value obtained above. Print again and the X measurement should now be 25mm.

5. Cut out the prepared templates from the sheet and then cut out the hatched areas. The templates are now ready for use on the headlamps.

6. Place the O/S template (1) onto the O/S, Drivers headlamp lens ensuring it is tight to the edges (2):


7. Use a suitable non-permanent marker to mark the outline of the template.

8. Remove the template and use suitable black adhesive tape to cover the area ensuring you don't stray over the outline

9. Repeat the process for the N/S, passenger side headlight:


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