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Ford Galaxy Mk3 - Front Side lamp/Fog lamp removal 2010>

Started by Chrispb, October 10, 2014, 06:20:39 PM

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After being defeated on my first attempt to remove the combined front side/fog lamp, I had a bit of spare time so I thought I'd have another go at it.
When you read the book it says remove the screw through the access hole, pull lamp downwards then pull out, sounds easy!! Not.
I have read elsewhere it should be two screws from underneath but this must be models up to 2010.
2010> only one screw also others have suggested sliding a blade into the slot at the top of the lamp to release the tab, easier said than done as you can't see anything from the front.

So I set about removing the lamp, first I removed the black plastic cover (9 screws) below the radiator and intercooler etc just to get a look behind the lamp, the drivers side is quite visible but the passenger side no chance, w/washer bottle fills the gap.

Next I removed the headlight unit now these are really easy just two bolts and the wiring multiplug and it's out.
The good news is the drivers side/foglamp has good access from above and you can unplug the bulb holders without removing the lamp, the passenger side more bad news you cannot see the rear of the lamp from top or bottom the washer bottle completely obscures the back of the lamp.
So the passenger side you have little choice but to remove the lamp.
I did get the drivers side lamp out eventually with a lot of downward levering and really thought I would break something but just a few paint chips in the plastic to show for it .

Conclusion the downward pressure on the lamp is the only quick way of dealing with the N/S lamp, the O/S you have a choice.
The pictures below are not in any particular order they are there just to give an idea of what to expect.








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