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Rear pads and epb

Started by Galaxy newbie, March 04, 2021, 08:02:14 PM

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Hi again. Am changing the rear pads tomorrow on the car and the car has an electronic parking brake. The manual says the epb needs to be put in service mode or to remove the motors on the calipers. Iââ,¬â,,¢ve read in a few places about putting the car into service mode for the epb for smax and am wondering if this works for the Galaxy also. Itââ,¬â,,¢s supposed to be a combination of ignition and parking brake and pedals. Anyone done this at all please. Thanks in advance. Andy

It will be same set up as smax as they are very similar cars.

Did my bmw the other month was just a case of apply/release/apply then release again. You do however have to remove the motors to do pads anyway so I unplugged once park brake was released.

Not sure on the Ford but pushing piston back is easy on bmw caliper, once motor is off use a torx 45 where motor shaft goes and wind that off by hand then push piston back in. Do pads refit calipers,pump brakes up then apply and release hand brake.