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Need to order T/B and waterpump

Started by Galaxy newbie, January 26, 2021, 01:29:47 PM

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Just wondering if this will fit my vehicle.  any advice please.  Vehicle is ford galaxy mk3 2010 2.0tdci.  not sure of the engine code, but reg is GV10 NLC if that helps anyone.  I think it will fit just wanted someone a little more knowledgeable to confirm.  Thanks  Andy


I'd suggest your best bet would be to send a message to the ebay seller with the reg details and get them to confirm it fits before you order it. It does say to provide the reg when purchasing so they should be able to confirm it fits from that.

If you are doing a belt have a check to see if your engine has a cassette wet type belt aswell. I know some of the fords have cassette belt and others have a chain just not sure which models/years have what fitted. If itââ,¬â,,¢s a wet belt best to do that aswell as they fail spectacularly and cause sever engine damage.

Only the 1.8TDCI motor has the wet cassette belt.