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Welcome to Mirez.co.uk! The site is an archive of the old mirez site -The original site and information is still all there, just click the "Mondeo" link above and you'll be taken to the old landing page and with the exception of this page, none of the links have changed.



Mirez has teamed up with www.bigcarclub.com

A new forum dedicated especially to Ford's range of MPV's - come join us and ask mirez and the other trained mechanics and designers questions for free!


The Aim:

www.mirez.co.uk has always been about providing information for free. Vehicles aren't that difficult to work on, its about taking the time to research, prepare and then pacing yourself through the work. Hopefully the information here will take care of the research stage.



www.mirez.co.uk would love to hear from people who like putting their practical skills down in words. If you fancy helping out then please use the blank template here - you can write about any work you do to your Ford as long as its in depth, easy to follow and well illustrated. A submissions email address will be here in the near future.


Site Design:

The new side of Mirez.co.uk uses a site template provided for free by Florida Web Design's Bryant Smith. We really appreciate his hard work in making such an easy to use template. Its also nice to support people and companies that remember its not all about the profit - the web should be free. Please visit their site using the link at the bottom of the page.