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Dual mass flywheel and clutch

Started by i7555p, May 10, 2024, 09:50:43 AM

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Update on the new (to me ) 2005 Alhambra, my previous post was about difficulty in engaging gears, also the clutch pedal was very heavy and the biting point very low. The problem turned out to be not the gearbox, but was the failing dual mass fly wheel, the two halves were in contact and grinding together, the gubbins inside having collapsed  Flywheel and clutch have been replaced, now the gear change is fine. I employed a garage to do the work.

Next problem is the climatic control, (push buttons with display) it seems to do what ever it thinks, I would rather just set the heat direction and fan speed manually, I don't suppose that the module can be replaced with simpler one.


Most damage is done to thr DMF on startup and shutdown, always put the clutch in when doing both and keep it in for a seconds after and you'll massively extend the life.

The climate can't be downgraded easily but is normally really reliable. There is a how-to on cleaning the sensor in the ref library which normally makes a difference.
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