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VW door locks

Started by johnnyroper, November 17, 2022, 08:56:29 PM

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Does anyone have access to VW part numbers?
Tried looking online but can't find anything definitive other than there's potentially 3 types.

2007 3 door VW polo 9n, central locking but not remote locking, after correct number for drivers door lock if anyone able to assist?

You might be able to narrow it down using the VIN at http://catcar.info/en/ if you've not already tried.

Otherwise it comes down to pulling the lock out and hoping theres a part number on it.

Is it the actual lock/catch/latch bit your after rather than the lock barrel on the handle?

Yeah the match assembly as central locking not working from drivers door but does from passenger side.
I have taken a punt on one as it's my old dears car and she lives couple hours away. If it's wrong one I will just get part number off old one and re-order.


Only one with central locking seems to also be remote locking?

I'd guess the remote locking one may work as central locking anyway with the key used to lock instead. 3B2837016AA looks to be the one for that. The rest are either LHD, manual locking or the other side of the car?

Perfect thanks that's the one I have ordered, I did think it was strange as the latch is usually same regardless of remote locking as it just get unlock/lock signal same as it would if using other side. Just threw me that in listing it specifically says for remote central locking only.

It does seem fairly odd, I would guess possibly the lock part (the bit you operate with the key) may only be on the drivers side or something. Hopefully it works out for you always a pain when the car isn't to hand to check stuff before ordering it.