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2009 Galaxy 1.8 TDCi clutch and flywheel problems

Started by wishitworked, July 16, 2022, 04:47:49 PM

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Please can someone advise! I recently got a solid flywheel and clutch kit for my 2009 galaxy 1.8 with 5 speed gearbox. It worked but the clutch was slipping and didn't settle down. Took the gearbox off again and found the wrong parts had been supplied - the friction plate was contacting the flywheel bolts rather than flywheel face. It was exchanged for a new kit. When the gearbox was fitted, the release bearing was pushing against the pressure plate and the clutch was disengaged. This company had sent the wrong release bearing (twice) with this replacement kit to I tried somewhere else. I gave the engine details from the registration doc QYWA1M and the gearbox code from the gearbox 6G9R 7002 CC. The release bearing looks like the original and fits. But now I have fitted this kit, the clutch is slipping. I know the flywheel is on tightly and the friction plate is the right way round. I bolted the pressure plate down properly. I depressed the clutch pedal a few times (returning it by hand) to pump fluid through and bleed the clutch before closing the bleed nipple - same as bleeding brakes, I've not bled a clutch before this one. The engine block has the code KKDA 9C just above the gearbox/clutch bellhousing. Unfortunately, once I got the first (faulty) clutch and flywheel fitted, I threw away the old clutch and flywheel so have nothing to check for reference numbers. I can't imagine any way in which I could have fitted this wrongly, is there a specific way to bleed a clutch? Can anyone tell me exactly what the flywheel, clutch friction plate and pressure plate part numbers are? It has reached a stage where I am just as happy with the more costly dual mass flywheel on this 2009 Galaxy (EK09YYS) just to get it working. I'm in the process of taking the gearbox off for the 4th time.

When you offered up the new clutch onto the dowels and started to tighten the bolts did you feel resistance and notice the fingers of the  pressure plate being pulled in toward the flywheel?

If the disc is the wrong way round as you said would be in contact with flywheel bolts or centre boss touching flywheel, discs are usually marked flywheel side but if not marked the side that has the tension springs goes toward the pressure plate.

Air in the clutch hydraulics would not cause the clutch to slip.

Of course this is assuming these are all the right parts for your car.
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I have been double checking this morning and rotating a front wheel with the other fixed was turning the engine. Maybe I was blind the other day as I didn't see the engine move whilst rotating the wheel. I may be imagining a problem that is not there - I will wait for the weather to cool down, get everything put back together and see what happens. After being sent wrong parts three times by one supplier, I am not confident. I was hoping someone would have done a clutch change for a car with the same engine and gearbox and could tell me exactly what parts kit to get. I will cross my fingers and hope to be mobile soon. Can I get too much fluid in the hydraulics and stop the release bearing being pushed back by the pressure plate fingers?

The hydraulics are a fixed amount if up to the level on reservoir.