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Transit 2.2 low on power

Started by TobyTransit, April 02, 2022, 07:27:36 PM

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Evening boys n gals, my 2.2 Transit feels down on power like 20/30%. There are no fault codes but it's started making a soft metallic scraping noise when the turbo starts to kick in. I've just serviced it and found some metallic flake in the oil so sommats not right.

Now my question is can a turbo fail in this way? There is no smoke or anything other then the noise and power loss so I'm thinking the noise is the vanes scraping on the pipe? Would/could that cause the metal flakes though?

If it is coming from the turbo, then you'd expect contact there to be due to play/slack allowing the contact to happen. Only thing you can really do to check is to have a look at it?

Foreign objects in the oil is worrying, assuming you have not just got  the transit and it's had regular oil changes?

Turbo bearing failure could see particles left in the oil but so could the cams fuel/vac pump etc.

As Brian said you need to physically inspect the turbo first, if it's bearing failure you need to check oil supply to turbo and oil pressure.

If the compressor blades have fouled the casing then debris will be ingested through the intercooler then into the cylinders
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Thanks gents. I've had it about 5 years now and its never missed a beat. Serviced it on time and never seen the particles before. Guess I need to change it again and see what's what but also have a look at the turbo.