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2006 Touran 1.9

Started by Grant2012, February 21, 2022, 11:45:28 PM

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Hey all, been offered a 2006 Touran for £200. It's a non runner but otherwise tidy and only 70k on the clock. Am I right in thinking its the 1.9 PD engine and if yes, I still have my 2004 Galaxy that got rear ended sat in the barn so would the engine be swappable?
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Some of the Touran TDI's were 2.0 litre units which whilst still being PD units I think had 16 valve heads and possibly Siemens injectors which I have read reports of being less reliable than the Bosch units used in the 1.9. IIRC I also think the power and torque figures differed between e.g. a 1.9 Galaxy/ Sharan/ Alhambra and the 1.9 Touran so the engine management (or at least mapping) is likely different as well, even if they're both 1.9's. Some Tourans of that age possibly have a DPF as well.
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Also 2.0 of that era had the chocolate oil pump/balance shaft drive,if it's 2.0 then that could explain the non running status of the car.