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Transit mk7 door mirror removal

Started by TobyTransit, December 22, 2021, 07:49:15 PM

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Clattered the passenger mirror today and have broken the pivot point so need to replace it. There are 3 caps which I removed and found a bolt behind one but the other two are weird security bolts I think? Anyone know what tool I need to remove them?


You've got it right that they are held on with 3 bolts, the lower left is an 8mm but the other two are shear bolts and the head is designed to snap off when its factory tightened. Its part of the anti-theft design to stop thieves removing the mirror and getting access to the door wiring harness although ironically the rest is 'protected' by a ford Tibbe lock so it's sort of pointless!

They aren't bolted in with much force so you can remove them easily enough. If the old mirror is scrap then just snap the plastic off and chisel them off. If the mirror is to be kept, I've had good success drilling a 4mm hole into the 'washer' part of the bolt held, driving a flat-head screwdriver into that hole and then just unscrewing the bolt.
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