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Drivers side electrical problems

Started by Bunniedon, September 27, 2021, 04:54:25 PM

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Hi all came across this site when trying to find and answer to an issue I'm having on my misses car

1st the o/s passenger window stopped working and I can only lock it manually, then the drivers window a few weeks later. Sometimes on the dash it will say driver door open even though it is locked.

Then to top it off the switches on the drivers door fully stopped working

I've done a few things e.g

I changed the 4 25amp fuses in the rear fuse box and that made the passenger window work for around 5 mins then it stops again

I disconnect the battery to "reset" everything. I got all the windows down using the fob but now the drivers one wont close

I purchased and new (used) loom, door control unit and switch for the drivers door and still had no luck

I genuinely dont know what else to try

Any sort of help or pointers would be much appreciated