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Heater Pipe Leak

Started by beachblanket, September 08, 2021, 06:27:16 PM

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Hello all,
my 2.0 diesel 2015 is leaking coolant from the strange fitting with plastic clamp coming from the top of the engine to the heater...(or it may be a return pipe).

My question is whether this is an easy fix ie replace pipe (pic attached) or could it be the plastic fitting that it clamps onto which is on the engine block?

anyone else had a similar thing?

thanks in advance.

Depends exactly where leak is from is it on that pipe or is it from below the connection?

Hi Johnny thanks for the reply...
Due to the location it's quite hard to see, but i think it's the actual connection there's an angled rubber washer in the grey plastic which may have seen better days.
I've managed to take actual photos of the connection and spigot.

Just a thought would there be an 'o' ring missing off the spigot?

I'm tempted to try and replace the angled rubber washer but i think it may be fused to the plastic

Not seen a set up like that before usually the quick release plastic connections have an O ring inside the connector. That looks like the connector slides over the black part securing with the clips and sealing up against the angled part,behind the angled part is there a flat plastic edge that the connector clips behind?

In that situation I would be inclined to try replacing the seal if you can and if that doesn?t resolve the leak I think I would replace the black part as it could be slightly cracked.

Apologies for the late update....
Just incase it helps someone else out......
The angled rubber was indeed fused to the plastic so I left it in place.... you could see that it was slightly worn.....
My solution was to put a normal o ring over the spigot....this then took up the slack on the angled rubber piece.... I know it's a bit of a bodge but it has held up absolutely fine.... The alternative new pipe is infact only ?35 ish but I think getting the connection to the heater matrix would be a nightmare over the back of the engine!! Solution 2 would be new pipe cut and joined at the front to the existing.... we'll see how it goes... steering problems next  :-\

Or cut the metal band where rubber meets plastic on new and old hose to seperate plastic part. Then fit new plastic part and reconnect hose with a standard jubilee clip