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Side Skirt ('Rocker Panel Extension') Retaining Clips

Started by Dupes, August 17, 2021, 12:42:22 PM

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Hi - wondering if anyone has found a suitable alternative for the Clips/mounts (3 per side) that support the sports side skirts on Mk3 S-Max (2013) and I think Galaxy/Mondeo maybe Titanium X Sport.
They can only be got from ford with the actual Skirts (costing hundreds) which is ....daft! Ford dont list them separately at all of this type - so looking for something else that works.
The plastic sems to become brittle and break over time, so scrappies are not a good source.

They come in 2 parts, which clip onto a protrusion / prong on the under edge of the sports skirt and the the screw 'clamps/grips'  the floor pan seam.
Attached a pic of the 2 bits that screw together to grip the metal floor pan lip.

Hopeing someone has found an alternative - I tried a search and hours of google, to no evail.