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Instrument Panel dead and indicator lights not working

Started by Galajan, May 24, 2021, 06:41:56 PM

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On my 2007 Galaxy 1.8TDi the instrument panel has gone dead and none of the instruments or warning lights is working. Also the indicator and hazard lights have stopped working. Everything else seems to be working fine.
Does anyone have a clue of what could be the problem. Would it be some fuse, or is it more serious?
If anyone has any ideas of how to investigate and fix, I'd be really grateful!

First place to check has to be fuses and go from there

Thanks @johnnyroper . I've checked the fuses and all are fine. Especially the one for the "cluster", which I assume is the instrument cluster?

I've also rechecked the indicators and they are in fact working, but this is not indicated on the instrument panel, which is completely dead and shows no sign of life whatsoever.

Does anyone have any clues what to do next? Is there any hope of fixing this, or does this look like a new instrument panel is required?

As fuses are ok and itââ,¬â,,¢s a mark 3 before spending on new instrument cluster do a scan with diagnostics,maybe also worth disconnecting battery for a while see if that resets it

As JR, these have been known to reset with a battery disconnect.

Complete failure would indicate a ground problem though, there is one behind the cluster so may be worth popping it out and checking the connection. When its out, disconnect and reconnect the multiplug a few times as well.
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Thanks you @johnnyroper and @Mirez!
I'll try disconnecting power and see what happens.
Thanks again!

@johnnyroper and @Mirez
So I've just been to disconnect the battery. I opened the bonnet, then realised I needed to move the car to get to my spanners at the back.
I turned on the ignition and hey presto I see that the instrument panel is back in action!
I don't know if opening the bonnet made the difference, or whether it just "fixed itself" overnight?
The dashboard stopped working during one of this weeks heavy downpours. Is it possible that water somehow caused the problem? What do the experts on this forum think?

In the mean time I'll keep an eye on things and post on here, if anything changes.

Thank you both for the kind advice. Really appreciated!

Maybe the software crashed or something and needed a reboot
I drive a Seat Alhambra 1.9Tdi which has 115bhp and an automatic gearbox.

I am happy to help you with all your questions. I am not a qualified mechanic but seem to be better at fixing my car than even the most experienced garages.

I have lots of friends here and very much enjoy talking with you all. Always remember, a motor car is a serious tool and should be treated with respect. Put your safety first, always.

Have an investigate around the carpets etc and make sure there isn't any signs of water managing to get inside the car and get into the back of the panel somehow (replacement windscreen thats been badly fitted being a possible source). Might just be coincidence or may be a loose connection thats working some of the time if your lucky, like the one Mirez pointed towards?