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Wanted - MK2 Lefthand Glovebox

Started by brianh, February 07, 2021, 07:03:18 PM

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Anyone got the upper glovebox available ? The one with the button to open it that flips up?

If only you had asked 10 days before Christmas.  I got rid of the old Galaxy as the drive was starting to look like a scrapyard, there's so many little bits I want off it now.

Always the way. Lesson for anyone else here, don't push the glovebox lid down hoping the contents will move out of the way.

I've found some Alhambara ones but the top is different on them, so thats the backup plan (I think the top bit of mine has broken as well as the arms, will check tomorrow before deciding). The broken one is getting annoying as it seems to be the source of a squeaking sound now.