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2010 Touran exterior lights problem

Started by AConnelly, January 29, 2020, 07:07:27 PM

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Hi Funny problem with my daughter 2010 Touran , all bulbs in drivers side headlamp cluster  Side light, main beam, dip an  indicator all not working  as was rear left light cluster with Side and indicator , also drivers side light cluster on back door with side reverse and brake light all not working, removed all bulbs and checked and were all ok , pull all back in but still the same, I then removed all fuses inside car checked and put back as did with fuses in box under bonnet right hand side, this cured the problem, but it has come back tonight after a day same lights out, when driving to my garage to look at it again all lights back to normal again , Any thoughts please

I would suspect either a loose connection on a fuse holder causing high resistance or an issue with the Body control module

Hi John thanks was thinking that. Before all this happened the warning light on dash for a bulb not working was coming on then going off intermittently. was hoping someone has came across this problem before, my next line if it happens again is going to check each time I pull a fuse out and in to find which one that cures the problem then can pinpoint which fuse and where to look.

I had a similar issue.  Turned out to be a defective bulb.  Try changing _all_ the bulbs in the rear clusters.  Particularly check that the correct bulbs are fitted - some have the pins diametrically opposite, some are staggered vertically and some are staggered both vertically and circumferentially. The latter will fit in the holders for the middle type but will act erratically.

thanks nice to hear some one had simular was thinking could be defective bulb as has come and gone a few times and have seen something similar on a earlier ford many years ago.

Will let you know if I get to the bottom of it


Hi  Just got to the bottom of this finally with a bit of luck. after checking all bulbs again when back to fuse box under bonnet and pulling this fuse (Photo)  out to check found my problem see Photo , cleaned terminals and new fuse in all ok .

The fuse had not blown but but the connection must have been intermittent causing my problem