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FS: Breaking Mk2 Ghia Galaxy (05)

Started by nevojnr, January 05, 2020, 11:39:37 AM

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Morning Everyone, although I'm not a prolific poster I have enjoyed the forum and used its many how to's to keep the old girl running. however time have now come to break her down before being turned into glue! (especially after being offered 50 quid part ex! hahaha!)

So, here is our faithful 185k Mk2 Gal.
Bad points;

  • There is a gearbox issue under heavy acceleration which requires a restart to clear.
  • The drivers window is non operational, its catching on something forcing the bounce back to operate every time you drop it.
  • Rear nearside running with spare but do have alloy in the garage
  • very age related marks and rusting of the sils, previous owner wreaked the jacking points.
  • rear offside window non functional - confirmed break in the loom just not had chance to repair.
  •   Parking sensors non operational, wiring in the boot somewhere at fault
  • AC no refrigerant
  • Drivers side passenger tray broken - heavy footed toddler! 
Good points;
mechanically sound and water tight! I got the car at 148K with a 'full' service history however immediately had to replace the cam belt and water pump as previous owner refused the work!  ??? all other servicing has been completed by myself including changing both driveshafts.