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Drivers Door Lock won't open via fob

Started by Bandy7, September 05, 2019, 12:54:07 AM

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On my 2006 Touran SE the drivers door will not open via the key fob... the car is set up to open only the drivers door on a single press of the fob but all this does is deactivate the alarm (the flashing LED stops).  To open the door I have to manually use the key to unlock and then double pull the handle.  However, if I double press the fob, all the other doors unlock and all the door (incl drivers) lock when I press the fob lock button.  I'm guessing that something is wrong within the lock actuator module but before digging into the door panel etc. ... any thoughts - does this sound like an actuator problem (can an actuator lock without being able to unlock?) If so, can actuators be repaired (or is an aftermarket replacement a better route)?  Any advice on how to get at the blighter would be appreciated!

It's a separate motor for lock and unlock so yes, it can fail in the way you describe.

Replacement isn't too difficult but is time consuming, remove the door card and then unbolt the door panel, lower the window glass and unbolt that then remove the door panel completely. You.ll now be able to unbolt the lock assembly and remove that.

Not worth stripping it down any further then that tbh, just change it as an assembly.
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Mirez, thanks for the speedy reply... any thoughts on whether the cheap versions on [eBay] are worth fitting? (I don't want to go through the pain of stripping the door down only to find it packs up in a few months!)