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Tiguan 2012 flashing bulb icon on dash

Started by BillyBoyBob3rd, August 12, 2019, 10:06:38 AM

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Hi guys, I have an amber bulb icon flashing when I first start up the car. I get 3 flashes then it goes out and won't come back on until next reset. No messages or warning on the panel, just just the flashing. Any ideas?

Its this icon btw which VW says is for a bulb out but I've double and tripple checked they are all fine! It should also stay on and show a message if its that so really confuddled now!

Your lights are in tourist mode! Ie, the side kickup is missing for left hand driving.

Within the MFD menu you'll find "Lighting", check the "Travel mode" option and I suspect you'll find it ticked.
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So impressive, it even has a mode for driving in France without putting those little plastic lenses on the headlights which U get from Halfords?
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