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Mk7 Transit adding heated mirrors

Started by hazelwi60, October 27, 2018, 09:39:15 AM

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Morning from a very cold south wales!

My camper, based on a mk7 ford transit, hasn't got heated mirrors that I can tell. The mirrors ARE heated and the wiring IS there but they dont work to defrost, dont get warm and dont defrost. Reading online some come with everything wired for heated mirrors but if you dont have the rear heated screen then they dont work so what can be done about this? Anyone good with wiring who can tell me what to add and wire up so the mirrors heat correctly?

I have access to transit connect and some transit customs at work that have heated mirrors but not rear screen. Have you got the rear screen button on the dash?

are they actually connected to the heating elements of the mirrors?
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Hey guys thanks.

I have the heated front screen but no rear screen and no rear switch. Yes behind the mirror glass are two wires which are connected to the glass.

sounds like the wiring is the same on all models then but ones without dont have the switch then. I have a feeling you need the complete heater control panel rather than just a switch?

On the connect I use the rear screen switch is next to the front screen one.

They are working  [WAVE]

Turned out to be a relay but oddly not the one shown for heated mirrors. I metered the wiring and found it came back to a relay that the manual has listed as 'special operations' and the back of the fuse cover says 'refer to manual'. I was a bit hesitant to fit one but as soon as I did it clicks on with the front screen and the mirrors get hot so happy days!