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1.8 tdci 2008 Galaxy starter motor removal

Started by Craig Bray, April 11, 2018, 01:15:37 AM

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Hi all, I've unbolted the three bolts on my starter motor but can't get the starter motor off, how do you remove the damn  thing?

vw t5 camper van.
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hi the link there doesn't seem to work now!. cheers!

HI Thanks for the reply. That is a new website to me and I  don't know all the answers to the questions, so maybe I am not using it right, but couldn't see any instructions there. My alternator is very close to the starter, I am told by a mechanic friend that they are like that to make room for the aircon and I'm wondering how easy it will be to take out? Will i have to remove that also. I saw this video but I cant see the alternator in that one so it may be more complicated than in this video. Mine is the 92 KW engine if that makes any difference!.