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2001 1.9tdi ghia

Started by bigdave982, January 30, 2018, 05:34:52 PM

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January 30, 2018, 05:34:52 PM Last Edit: January 30, 2018, 05:38:22 PM by bigdave982
So I pulled the trigger on another car today, so the Gal has to go.
Red 2001 ghia 1.9 tdi
Mot just done, advised on two tyres. Done
Working air con/aux heater
201000 ish miles complete with 201000 miles worth of scrapes and dings, but not a horror imho.
Brink removable towbar
Drivers door wiring just been done by me
Clucth and dmf @164000, cambelt waterpump 170000 miles
Remap ecu
Spate wheel winch just repaired with alloy gear wheel
Im wanting Ã,£650 ovno .
For that money ill chuck in another set of alloys with decent tread chinese winter tyres
Locking roof rails
And a galaxy cool box
And original ecu
Pic a few years old but you get the idea
Located Dartford

Hey Dave;
Do you have any more photos?
The specs on it, etc.?
What bhp is it?

Specs are 115bhp ghia, remapped to claimed 148 by remapbhp
Pic i can do friday as working tommorow and dark now
Pirrelii and goodyear tyres
It has video , yes video, media system with screens in rear headrests. It never worked since ive had it
Front out riggers welded last summer
Run on pump re brushed in last 5 yrs
One alloy is buckled so have one steel wheel on at the moment

Wanna know anything else just ask

Ive got more pics but strugling to upload via phone

Hey Dave; never had chance to reply!
Dartfords just a bit of a trek at the minute, as I was going to tow it back up to Newcastle! But it seems my cam has gone.

Damn and blast it!! You could get a train down and drive it back😁

Haha, Iââ,¬â,,¢d love it myself and itââ,¬â,,¢s a decent price;
Just a bit too far for me at the minute.

Maybe in the future.  :D

Out of curiosity what did you get for it?
My 02 plate with 178k will be getting sold soon so just wondering what sort of price I can expect for it.

As described above I took 600 off a nice germanic fella who was talking about driving it straight to Dover for export😁
Just wanted it gone so happy with that.
Tbh , sticking it on gumtree i was getting enquiries within 20mins of listing. Think with a clean and polish i couldve asked another 50-100 but as siad , happy to see it go.

Cheers bigdave kind of what I expect I will get for my old bus aswell then.