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Hello and probably goodbye to my little camper!

Started by rabbit, January 01, 2018, 09:39:53 PM

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Since there were no posts in this section I thought I would show you all my little Ford transit tourneo connect! I had this converted into a camper in 2011 and we've done 211K miles since touring all of Europe! She's been a beut in that time never letting me down once and not even needing much other then the usual oil and filter when I remembered  :-[


Sadly though like all good things our time is coming to an end. With 431,188 miles on her I wont be undertaking the next Euro adventure with 'cassy the connect' so I'm looking at what next to get. Has anyone got any opinion on the new connect or has anyone converted one?

Cheers! Rabbit

I had a 2014 connect work van and it was a cracking van far superior to the old style,recently been using a 67 plate one from Work and that thing has everything on it.
DAB,touch screen colour nav,reversing camera,power fold mirrors etc lovely to drive. It is the 1.6 tdci and while not being a racing machine it is perfectly capable of sitting on motorway at a healthy speed while still returning good mpg,as was the 14 plate even fully loaded with work gear.

Love the connect, like the caddy. I found the connect just much more 'commercial' then then caddy which sounds weird but if you are eating up the miles in it then thats what you want!

211k in 3 years wow, you've certainly been on the road a lot - what do you do for living out there?
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