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Touran 2.0 diesel timing belt

Started by Becky Roberts, December 17, 2016, 07:56:48 PM

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Hi everyone!!!
Just picked up our new jalopy which is a 2007 touran. Very happy with it compared to the xafira we had before as at least this one doesn't rattle like a squirrel all damn journey!

My question is that it didn't even with any history so will get it serviced this week but what about the timing belt and anything else I should do (or get hubby to do!)

Muwaaa xxxx

Full service kit,brake fluid change,coolant change along with timing belt kit and water pump as it has no history. Belt change is usually 80 or 100k miles I think?

Not sure about the 2 litre PD but the 1.9 was on 60k intervals for timing belt replacement. As above, worth doing a full service of oil and filter, pollen, air and fuel filters as well as a brake fluid change and replacement of the coolant when the water pump and timing belt is replaced. Also worth making sure the brakes are in good order and not close to being worn out, plus a good general check round for fluid leaks and a general check of the suspension components and the chassis underside for wear, damage and security of components. I'm not sure if the 2 litres all have DPF's fitted too.
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personally I would not let a belt go anywhere near the stated interval 4 years or 40k and it will get changed. The official interval is a bit of a grey area as some say 75k or 5 years and some say 4 years. If it is vw lease then it changes to 125k.
For sake of few hundred pound I would be having it changed for peace of mind if no history of it ever being changed.

Thanks everyone,

It's done 81,817miles. Hubby found a sticker under the bonnet which said it was done at 62,297 miles so think we will leave that.

Does anyone know if the vw nav unit can be fitted in place of the radio?

Probably but you will need the gps aerial and cable to go with it,may also need some programming with vcds?

Is that a dealer thing or do most garages have it?

VCDS is an 'enthusiast' bit of software. The dealers will use a different programme but a lot of independent garages use VCDS and you can buy it yourself if you anticipate doing a lot of work (Its quite pricey for newer generationg VW's)

BTW your facebook profile takes you to some guy in the states... umm not that I was checkin you out of course [drive]
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Thanks for the info