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Noisey engine (similar to exhaust blow)

Started by Blackcabby, May 24, 2016, 01:44:05 AM

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2011 tdci mk3 Galaxy

Having spent an absolute fortune over the last 6 months on repairs this beast continues to give me problems, from start up the engine sounds like it has a exhaust blow (deep muffled sound) I have had it checked by 3 mechanics who have no idea what it is or how it can be resolved. It does not seem to effect the cars performance just sounds like a tank. No error codes and dpf was replaced since the noise started.

Please help!

Very difficult to diagnose without seeing or hearing,but have you had the inlet tract and egr system checked?

Have been scouting about re this problem, eventually I got through to ford technical and they are saying that is sounds like the fuel vaporiser needs replacing at a cost of Ã,£175+ vat plus labour, anyone had this problem?

Mine is a 2012 model and has a deep roar at tickover from the driver's side (RHD). I thought it may be an exhaust leak, but now think it is induction roar. I've not investigated, but could be a loose inlet connection. I'll speak with my Ford man and, see what he has to say. Watch this space!

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Sounds similar to mine, it's going in tomorrow for the fuel vapourizer, fingers crossed

Vapourizer fitted and regen completed and still
Throwing up dpf codes and limited power. Anyone in London area recommend a ford mechanic that might be able to help other wise I'm going to explode!!

Maybe the dpf needs removing and chemical cleaning as it is too blocked for regen?

Oh right in that case if it is a code for blocked dpf I can only really see it being the sensors giving incorrect readings or wiring to sensors at fault.

After 7 months with this fault it has finally be rectified, thanks in part to a very helpful Ford technician who took pity on me. A forced regen was run and I was amazed to see how much stuff come out of my exhaust!

off the record the ford guy has told me that they are having so much trouble with the fuel vapourizer that they will not be replacing them
Any more but amending software to bypass the problem.

Has the deep roar on the driver's side gone or much quieter ? And does it run a lot better ? Better fuel consumption ?

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Did you guys ever find the cause of the "exhaust" sound? I have replaced a lot of parts on my 2011 TDCi, including turbo, flex pipe, intercooler, blanked egr, and cleaned intake. Still have a sound thats apparent in idle and causes a vibrarion/bass noise at 2000 rpm. Suspecting my dmf.

I have yet to replace alternater which I suspect having a failing pulley or bearing and havent changed the fuel vaporiser yet