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2.2tdci Duratorq Engine wont rev above 3000rpm

Started by ChickenBoy, October 20, 2015, 11:48:20 AM

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2.2tdci Duratorq. Engine wont rev above 3000rpm when first started after engine has been stood for awhile (over night or all day). When first started engine will rev to 3000rpm then feels like it hits a rev limiter? Once engine has run for four/ five minutes and gets some heat into it then operates fine...very confusing. No fault codes recorded, MAF sensor changed, been into local Ford garage, they couldn't find any fault. All filters fuel etc been changed. On occasions if MAF sensor unplugged and then re-plugged it will run fine. Auto electrician tested circuitry could find no fault ... First noticed after we had had the cam belt and water pump changed, not sure if it it is linked to that repair? Love the car but this fault is very annoying. Any guidance or ideas would be much appreciated.

If you've only had/ noticed this problem since the timing belt was replaced I'd consider making sure that the cam timing was set correctly when they replaced it. There have certainly been cases of incorrect cam timing causing cold starting issues on the Mk2 Galaxy.
Always learning..... Often by mistakes!

Many thanks for feed back. Have had timing checked by a local garage and Ford dealer. Timing has been set correctly. They both informed me that even timing out by one tooth, engine wouldn't run?
Have re-checked around engine bay and inspected as many electrical connections as I can get access too ... problem still persists.
Have recently run fuel cleaner through engine, Archoil AR6400D engine runs much smoother now and is livelier picking up from low revs.
Original problem still active, am beginning to think might have to live with it?

My wife's S max has just had the same issue occur.  Cambelt and water pump changed and hits rev limiter for the first 3 to 4 minutes. 

We have had the car since new so we know the history.  Always serviced etc.

Did you ever find a cure ?

If so could you share. 


Hi guys im having same issue, since timing belt change revs to like a hard bouncey rev limiter at 3k  when cold, once warm all is ok - did anyone actually solve this issue? - i appreciate this was long time ago and dragging up old thread but really hoping someone can help

Sounds like the engine is protecting itself.  Revving to max revs on a cold engine?  I would install software to stop that nonsense, as well, if I was a Ford engineer.

I wonder if it needs some software to tell it belt has been replaced? Recently done our little Alfa 1.4 multiair and after belt change it needs to be told and to relearn the phonic wheel position as the new belt could cause very slight difference in timing due to movement in timing pins.