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Is ford galaxy 66kw 90 hs, 2003 engine interference or non-interference?

Started by tiger, January 20, 2020, 09:06:49 AM

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Last week I was driving at about 120 km /h, after switching on the heat ventilation, a bad smell entered the cabinet then suddenly a noise of tak tak tak was heard from the engine bay for about 5 seconds, an explosion boooom in the engine bay and then then engine is off! I managed to get off the highway to the emergency lane securely thanks God. All the family were in including 4 children. All oil leaked. I noticed before the explosion a leak in the EGR Vanne.
Personally, I think either the timing belt is cut or the turbo exploded, or both of them!

A hissing sound was near the timing belt area. I neglected it.
I would like to know if the engine for this car is interference or non-interference?
Thanks in advance     

Interference so if belt has gone especially at that speed the internals are damaged.
However as you say all engine lost I would be more inclined to think it has seized.

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