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ford galaxy 1.9tdi 2004 wont start

Started by rsajse26, April 02, 2019, 12:09:12 AM

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hi there i have 2004 ford galaxy 1.9tdi 2004 130bhp car wont turn over battery is fine starter motor tested with a wire checked all fuse changed alll the fuses to new ones even if they wernt blown checked the relays tried bypass engine control relay still nothing no egine management light comes on when you turn ignition on lights dim when your to turn the key to turn the engine over . facia 3 panel ive uploaded picture 109 ive bypassed number on facia is number 22 which is egine control bypassed that trie bypassing number 26 cant remeber off top my head what it is with out going on auotdata

Let me get this straight when you try to start lights dim but starter doesnââ,¬â,,¢t turn,also you have put feed direct to starter and it turns then?

If thatââ,¬â,,¢s the case sounds like you have a dodgy high current lead from battery to starter or earthing issues to starter. Easy way to check earth is connect jump lead to battery neg and other end to engine,if still no start start looking at pos cable from battery to starter.

Car won't turn over at all no engine management light comes on when you switch ignition on I disconnected starter motor from gearbox tested to see if spins up spins up checked all fuses and there fine one was blown which I changed 

Sounds like an issue with ignition related circuits,when turning ignition on do other lights come on? Other than relay 109 which is always a favourite for problems I wonder if there is another relay that could be at fault.

Which fuse was blown?

Everything comes on accept the engine management light when you switch your ignition on

Check for power at fuse 25 when trying to start as thatââ,¬â,,¢s the starter motor trigger powered direct from ignition switch.

ECU light not coming on could that be a blown bulb/led that is leading you up the wrong path? Have you tried connecting a scanner to engine ECU?

Check fuse f34 (the last one on the bottom horizontal row) if you haven't already, should be a 10amp on a diesel.

I'd also try the diagnosics as pointed towards above - if they won't connect it would point towards the immobiliser circuit being at fault (thats your typical relay 109 problem most of the time, but the fuse above will cause the same result on a petrol engine, not sure on the diesel but easy to check).

If it wasn't for the bit where you say the lights dim I'd be suspecting the ignition switch.

Have you ruled out the other fusebox (the one near the battery) - usual sign of problems there is it starts melting, but the supply to the main fusebox comes from there i think as well.

I replaced that few month back that 10am fuse is fine  plugged car in not showing no faults

Replaced which bit the fuse or the second fusebox? If you've replaced the second fusebox due to melting, did you do anything about the thick cables that cause the melting in the first place? If not, has it started melting again? (in which case repair the cables and solder the ends on this time, plus either repair or replace the fusebox again).

The alternator feed goes through that fusebox, which tends to be the cause of problems there due to a poor crimp on the connector from the factory, its ok at first but ages badly. once it starts failing it gets hot, which then causes the box to melt, which then causes rest of the problems.

Hi there Brian I changed the battery fuse buse I think it's called with the alternator on as I had this problem didn't know what to check now sorry for late reply

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