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When something simple turns into a nightmare…

Started by KingyMAK, May 18, 2022, 11:30:13 PM

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So yesterday, I replaced my rear discs & pads, no big deal.
Adjusted the
handbrake today and again, no big deal.
But, found a small blow in the back box, gave it a prod... worst idea to make a 5p hole a £20 note size. 😂

I thought I'd tackle both ball joints and drop links, as they've been knocking a little, especially on passenger side ball joint...

The ball joint had sheared a bolt at the knuckle already, something I've never noticed prior to today.

The ball joint was also seized in the wishbone - it wrecked a splitter trying to get it out.

Removed wishbone from car, hammered the shit out of the joint to remove it and it finally come loose.

Install new joint & the seized bolt in the knuckle I'd removed left about 3mm in, so the new bolt wouldn't go in all the way, so drilling and extraction kit came out.
Got it out, new joint in, didn't have the manoeuvrability to fit the wishbone into the ball joint...? Weird eh?
What this, the new joint is missing new knuckle bolts? Oh no! Sodding off to euros to buy a full joint with bolts.

M10x18 for future reference!
B&Q will get my custom next time! 😂

Drive shaft had popped out slightly and not mated back up, so popped this in.

Next I put it all back together, greased, locktite, torqued, etc., back on the ground and left the drop links and offside ball joint for another day.

Bathed and ready to work at 7am. 😂

How did you fix the exhaust please? Did you maybe put some tape over it? Thank you
I drive a Seat Alhambra 1.9Tdi which has 115bhp and an automatic gearbox.

I am happy to help you with all your questions. I am not a qualified mechanic but seem to be better at fixing my car than even the most experienced garages.

I have lots of friends here and very much enjoy talking with you all. Always remember, a motor car is a serious tool and should be treated with respect. Put your safety first, always.