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VCDS-Lite Question

Started by cruickgl, June 03, 2023, 12:33:52 PM

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Hi, just a quickie.....I've just got VCDS Lite working on a laptop and have gone through the fault codes on my 54 plate Galaxy 1.9TDi (130) for the first time which has no working a/c at the moment. It picked up some fault codes which I have noted but cleared out and I have run the car a couple of times since. The fault codes have not come back so my question is are the things that were registering fault codes not faulty anymore or does the system only register a problem when something goes wrong initially. In other words, does the car do a check when you turn the engine on every time or if something is faulty and I've cleared the code the system doesn't see the fault anymore because an item is now broken.....if you get my drift !!!

I'd say you're pretty safe.
If you had a failed sensor for instance and cleared the fault codes
it would have reappeared again when the codes were next read after running
the car.


Thanks for that, it's what I thought. Just out of interest, does anyone know what the rear vent outlet temperature sensor is?? That was one of the fault codes. Is that the ambient temperature sensor or the coolant sensor?

It measures the air temp coming out of the vent,does it have rear air con? By description of fault I suspect it has