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Started by Solentview, May 13, 2022, 06:52:59 PM

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The only thing I dislike about the BRT engine is the performance of the WAHLER 7529D EGR, which causes a minor misfire at about 2000rpm, particularly when accelerating. The VW Customer Service centre plays it down and refers to the misfire as a 'hesitation', caused by 'EGR bounce'. Whatever! I had the EGR changed several years ago, but the 'hesitation' is now creeping back and increasing in frequency.

Does any body out there have experience of taking the WAHLER EGR off the BRT engine - I  think I can see it, right at the back - and can it be cleaned with Mr muscle? And are diagnostics required when the wretched thing is re-installed?

I suppose we should count our blessings - I recently came across a very long discussion in another forum about the 2.0 litre engine in the VW California(?) van, which apparently has a liquid-cooled EGR, mounted on some sort of aluminium manifold. The supposition is that the ally mounting corroded and aluminium oxide was drawn into the cylinders via the EGR, somehow. As soon as the oxide mixed with the hot combustion gas, it changed chemically and supposedly became grinding paste, with a very adverse effect on bore wear and oil consumption. And a number of Cali owners apparently had to write off engines, with no goodwill from VW. I quote all that from memory.

Although I may have topped up the oil in the BRT engine with a small amount in the first year of ownership, the engine now goes between services without loss (he said, touching wood and tapping his head).   

About this BRT engine, is that the 1.9TDi for example or a different one? How does one know which engine type one has? Thank you
I drive a Seat Alhambra 1.9Tdi which has 115bhp and an automatic gearbox.

I am happy to help you with all your questions. I am not a qualified mechanic but seem to be better at fixing my car than even the most experienced garages.

I have lots of friends here and very much enjoy talking with you all. Always remember, a motor car is a serious tool and should be treated with respect. Put your safety first, always.

BRT engine is the later 2 litre diesel.  1.9 tdi had to be replaced due to emissions,  but first BRT engines had lots of trouble with oil pump failure, lots had oil leaks and max bhp was 138 although they called it 140. Progress isn't always a good thing. 1.9 tdi was better engine albeit noisier.