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Remote key not working

Started by oludarekolade, January 21, 2022, 02:51:59 PM

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Hi Guys,  i have a ford galaxy 2.3 petrol engine with an automatic gearbox, i noticed the remote key has stop working although i have changed the battery in the key yet the car is not responding to the key remote. kindly help me out once again. Thank you.

There is a pairing process, you might get that to sort it.


If that doesn't work, does the light on the key come on? if not it suggests a battery or connection issue when you swapped the batteries as possible issues. If it does come on and won't pair, it may have just failed, They seem to do that unfortnately. If you can locate a good used one, that can be repaired and clipped into your keyfob, just use your old blade and transponder.

Hi Guys, The issue is still on the remote key i went through the procedure in the url shared with me in this forum, that is (https://www.fordmpv.com/ford-galaxy-common-faults-and-problems/ford-galaxy-remote-key-locking-programming-and-information-(mk2)/msg7397/#msg7397). the procedure went quite well but the remote didn't respond, could there be any other fault associated with the remote for not responding.
Thank you

Does the red light on the remote come on when you press the buttons?

If it does, and fails to pair, you probabbly need to look for another remote or getting that one fixed.

If it does not, that suggests a battery or connection issue in the fob, or faulty switches

If it only comes on with one button its probabbly a faulty switch, should be fixable by someone with another switch and a soldering iron.