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Passed MOT!

Started by KingyMAK, August 09, 2023, 10:04:38 AM

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Passed the year of dread for the 2006 Alhambra. 😂

Poor Audrey here didn't know wether to overboost her way home or drive cautiously to pay respects!

In all seriousness; I needed a rear reg plate as it had deteriorated over time.
I got an advisory on a drop link and CV boot, so they'll be done this week.

Missus' Aygo also passed, so it must be in the air!

I'm still on the hunt for a replacement, but those big dogs in finance don't seem over happy with me at the minute, so Audrey is here to stay for a while I think.
So I'm still after a tow bar, and maybe some rear inner and outer lights!
(Or a whole car for breaking close by? Newcastle Upon Tyne way?)

Nice one, its always a relief when yer old banger gets MOT'd
without too much grief or expense.
My recent MOT cost me £120 ish to get through so wasn't too painful

Congratulations, KingyMAK.

We must have very similar family fleets. Ours is Alhambra and C1 1.4hdi - an unbeatable combination of versatility and economy imo. Our recent runs up and down motorways in the SEAT have produced 51+mpg, and the C1 plods along and has not wavered from 68.5mpg OA in 14 years.