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Old hat - reprogramming of transponder chip 2005 model

Started by JR Watchet, December 10, 2023, 01:06:42 AM

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Good day from Somerset.

I have several Galaxies and boxes of spare from some scapped ones - but - broke a key and lost the transponder chip......still searching a large area of paving stones with no joy. X reg June 2005 model.

I have the key blade and housing and a pile of old transponder chips from several 2005 models that have been scrapped.

I have read several versions of recoding a chip, but can not find the correct one - including one using VCDS (which I have).

Can anyone please give the definite answer here!

I have an original master key AND an original emergency key plus all the code numbers, so seem to have the requisite number of "good" keys.

Many thanks
John Richards

Are we talking remote lock/unlock function or immobiliser here?
According to my manual there are two methods to code new keys.
One with the key in the door and one with the key in the ignition switch