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Started by mulox, August 17, 2022, 11:15:54 AM

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Hi  really needto do a oil change on a galaxy 2005 1.9 tdi needto buy an oil filter removal tool not sure what size I need they've got one in halfords 76mm not sure if that's right cheersl

Hi, you need the 74mm/ 14pt tool. It works on both my 1.9tdi 115hp and 2.3 petrol oilfilters.

The 130 and 150hp tdi's have a different housing where you need a hex socket I believe
I own a MK1 1999 2.3 DOHC Ghia & 2003 1.9TDI Trend.

My 2.0 tdi has a large plastic domed cover over the filter, which is unscrewed with a 32mm hex socket.

I purchased a very deep 32mm socket to extract the injectors from my Peugeot 405 diesel, about 25 years ago, and it still does the job on my Alhambra oil filter.

Yep mines the 130 and pretty sure its 32mm.Also there are at least two different types of filter the one for mine is a bit smaller in length.I was given the wrong one when I did my first so just to be aware.