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Oh dear, what can the matter be?

Started by regw, July 23, 2023, 07:03:12 PM

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July 23, 2023, 07:03:12 PM Last Edit: July 23, 2023, 07:14:30 PM by regw
2004 1.9tdi 130 galaxy Zetec 99 thou

Drive to sons 20 miles away in Chippenham to deliver some stuff and half an hour or so later leave for home.
the car drove as normal on the way there.

Within 200 yards of setting off, I hear what sounds like a back fire (wtf?)
and the car starts to surge when I try to accelerate
and has no power
Fast surges too, say 1 second on, 1 second off

I find a place to pull in and try an italian tune up and floor the pedal
The engine seems to spin up ok with no load on it

I do recall seeing black smoke in the mirror at one stage around this time.

I set off again and nurse it back home along the A420.
it runs and no clouds of black smoke, but no power response when I push the accelerator pedal to the floor..
I get back to Bristol and stop about half a mile from home at a shop.
Setting off again it starts surging but it's mostly down hill so I nurse it the last 1/2 mile to park it up
with feelings of doom an despair

No eml light on at any time and the engine does seem a bit louder

So, any ideas?

knackered turbo?

If so I'm fooked cos I can't afford hundreds of quid
for a new one

When its cooled down I'll have look under bonnet and covers
if I'm very lucky it will be say a pipe or sensor popped off
I'll put vcds lite on it to see what that says too.

I went out to check and just realised I don't see any eml when turning on the ignition
I get all the other ones though
the user manual says it should light up then go when the engine starts
Not sure if this a new issue or not

It's OK, panic over

I got fault codes
17964/P1556 - Charge Pressure Control: Negative Deviation
Possible Symptoms

    Reduced power output
    Limp mode

When I removed the cover I saw the inlet hose near the fuel filter had popped off.
This was due to some eejit not tightening it up properly
when changing the coolant temp sensor.

she's going like the clappers again

I still have to investigate why I didn't/dont get an eml though
probably a bulb

There is no "engine light" on the diesel versions but the glow plug light will flash in some instances.
2016 Vauxhall Insignia Elite Nav in White 2.0CDTI Manual.
2009 Kia Sedona GS In Black 2.9CRDI 183PS. 5 Speed Manual Wheelchair accessible vehicle.

With VCDS lite (full version) need a code clearing or want to scan for faults in the north kent area, PM me. All for a pint of Strongbow.

Quote from: Chrispb on July 24, 2023, 08:06:55 AMThere is no "engine light" on the diesel versions but the glow plug light will flash in some instances.

Ahh OK, thanks for that
it explains why I couldn't recall seeing one