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Not getting upto temp and staying there

Started by Oddballsicknote, January 30, 2022, 11:37:03 AM

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Pictures are on my phone?
Quote from: Chrispb on March 05, 2022, 07:16:05 PMYou need to use the reply button below the last post, you cannot use the quick reply box for attaching photo's.

Go to preview then gives me the option to attach pictures 📸

Hard to tell from the pictures but it looks like there some putting on the lobes?
Did you spin engine over by hand and inspect the profile of the lobes?

Like johnnyroper said, it's hard to tell from the images due to the definition and reflection of the flash but in one image in particular (which I've screenshot and attached as that seemed the easiest way to do it), the injector operating cam journal on the camshaft doesn't look to be in the best condition:

Screenshot_20220306-170320_Samsung Internet.jpg
Always learning..... Often by mistakes!

I never noticed the pitting and I didn't turn it over by hand and inspect the whole lobes that operate the injectors I needed a longer extension, the pitting is on no2 cylinder? Maybe I missed the obvious? Would it be worth taking the injector cam out and having a good look of the cam?

Given the live in the picture is pitted I think it's safe to say others will most likely have some wear. To take it out requires a bit of a strip down belt off,rocker shaft off etc so if it was me I would be replacing it if I was going to be removing it.