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Links to threads covering common faults & issues

Started by insanitybeard, August 23, 2015, 11:29:04 AM

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August 23, 2015, 11:29:04 AM Last Edit: April 22, 2023, 11:52:50 AM by Chrispb
The below are links to threads covering common Galaxy (and by the same token, Alhambra/Sharan) issues- if you feel a thread should be included here, please let us know, this is a work in progress. These threads usually contain pictures and links to other threads relating to the same subject,  but have not been added to the Reference Library because they do not necessarily give a complete or comprehensive overview of the subject:


A bit of discussion about engine codes and max power/ torque outputs.
An interesting attachment overview produced by VW themselves about the PD engine.
Another interesting VW overview of the 6 speed manual transmission fitted to the Mk2's.

Mk2 2.3 petrol starting issues- Relay 30 (with wiring diagrams)

Late Mk2 booster heater (D5Z-F) issues:
Part 1 (common symptoms & links to replacement parts)
Part 2 (includes pictures regarding depotting and relocating the ECU away from the burner unit)
Depotting the ECU (with pictures & how to bypass the coolant pipework with the booster removed from the vehicle)

Drivers door loom wiring replacement parts (using non original fitment replacement looms if replacement is required- specifically on the Mk2 Ghia model with rear electric windows)

Replacement of the Camshaft position sensor (TDI) (removal & replacement)


6 speed manual transmission issues (difficulty selecting gears, noises, bearing visible due to displaced end sealing cap on gearbox etc)

6 speed manual transmission removal

TDI auto gearbox issues (with a few pictures of transmission in removed & dismantled state)

Coolant replacement (written with respect to the TDI but the general procedure applies to most vehicles)

Some discussion and notes with images relating to removal/ replacement of rear brake discs, pads & calipers, rear dampers, rear springs and rear spring seat cups

Thanks to all those who have contributed!  [THANKS]
Always learning..... Often by mistakes!