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Is it possible to unable central locking?

Started by Nomad, October 15, 2021, 10:00:44 AM

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Hi! Recently Im having problems like the ones I read with the central locking in my GAL 2003.
In my last journey me and my family almost couldnt get out of the car once, and we also had to live it open during 4 days just in case it would not open to get back home.
Ive read the issues with the wires, motors... but is there something as simple as disconecting the central locking and live it manual? Or is the car going to be possesed for ever, letting us live when he wants?  :)
Thanks everyone

I'm guessing you mean disable the central locking (I can't see your original post currently only the subject), yes it should be possible by pulling a fuse, Possibly fuse 19. Though would suggest you make sure you can use the key in the lock first, as the Galaxy locks do have a bad habbit of corroding up inside (at least I've had issues with that on mine)

Ok I will try it, If I do that, I suppose that at least the back doors can be opened manualy and my family wont get bloked inside the car.
Thanks a lot.

Wouldn't worry about the subject - theres been a few issues on the forum this week, so I can't see the actual content on the first post - I've no idea if thats just me or everyone. But try pulling fuse 19 and seeing if that helps. Alternative way to disable the rear doors is to unplug the motors from the loom, but thats a pain.

Probabbly worth mentioning in case you aren't already aware, that the galaxy door wiring is a weak point and routinely breaks in the rubber gaiter due to poor design and materials, replacment of the defective bits of wire the best solution to this keeping solder joints away from where the wire flexes. The tailgate/boot is the worst culprit for this (a job on my to-do list as mine has decided to stop seeing the boot as open, so switches off the interior light when I'm trying to get stuff out of the boot area and then locks the rest of the doors and promptly then sets the alarm off on me) so worth checking if your getting random locking issues - tailgate will cause problems on other doors.

Don't just rejoin the existing wires, best case you might get away with that for a short time, worst case you end up with more problems from doors that won't unlock at all.

Thanks a lot, Im happy with the car, but looks like its possesed, and the only thing I can control and doesnt brake is the engine (typical VW)
Looks like he doesnt want to be with me anymore but I still love it...the rest of my family doesnt think the same :)

Finally I changed the battery, and everything started to work properly again with more power from the new battery.
Thank you all.