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Galaxy MK2 2006 AYL 2.8 V6 Downpipe

Started by Gezza, November 22, 2020, 10:10:40 PM

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Hi, I have had my CATALYTIC convertor stolen and the downpipe cut. I am having real problems locating this part for the AYL engine and when I speak to suppliers they say the part is not available. Can anyone help with locating this part or advising if matches those readily available for the earlier AAA and AMY engines or any aftermarket part?

If your really stuck, it may be worth phoning around some of the workshops that make up custom exhausts, given what you have there already chopped about they may be able to join that back up to the cat for you by making the missing bit.

Microcat shows 3 different part numbers for that pipe between the mk1 and mk2. I don't know the v6 engine well enough to advise if they are interchangable, but the part number suggests not.

Given its a downpipe you might find a serviceable part from a breakers as they tend to last a lot longer than the rear end of the exhaust does.

Hi mate, did you ever find a downpipe? Im in the same predicament

Hi, I feel the pain and frustration as I have the same car on the same year that I came out to about 8 weeks ago to that exact same crime. You have hopefully found a work around to fix this but if you haven't I will explain how I've gotten my car back on the road.
Sourcing a new cat was easy as there are several aftermarket manufacturers that can supply a new one for around £200 but it won't be type approved, oem will cost at least double that. The biggest issue is that you are now short of about 8 inches of that section plus the 3 bolt flange the new cat bolts onto. I could not find anyone interested in making a repair to that, some said it could be remade but obviously they would require the car to make the downpipes to the correct length which means trailoring the car = more cost. As a retired farmer I'm capable of arc welding so decided I'd have to make the section myself. First problem is that the section that's cut through is stainless steel so welding that to mild steel is more tricky but I bought several short pieces of straight exhaust pipe starting at 5 inches reducing an inch a time. It took a process of offering the pieces up onto the car putting a tack weld on the kept going until it was down to the 65mm it should be. I then had to weld a new 3 bolt flange to that at the right angle to accept the new cat making sure the lambda sensors wouldn't foul the underside of the car. It took me 4 weeks to the day to get hold of things like the right Dissimilar metal welding rods etc. To say we were devastated is an understatement, my wife is disabled so this is our freedom on wheels. Having saved up and deciding that this was the car for us then finding an immaculate one owner 75k mile full history in our budget was just amazing, we love this car for its space, pace and comfort that means we can see our grandchildren regularly. When the insurer said its just a write off I nearly exploded, the cost these scum take is not just financial all for a piece of scrap they likely get 50 quid for. I really hope that you are able to keep another one of these rare charismatic people carriers on the road for a few more years, these types of cars really don't exist new today and this engine is really one to be remembered for its smooth power delivery. Any help I can give to you please ask away.

Your probabbly underestimating the scrap value of the cats - I recently disposed of two Ford Focus cats from cars I'd broken up that had been sat in the workshop for ages, thinking I might get £10 for them if I was lucky. Scrapyard looked up the numbers on them and came back with £270 each for them. I'd imagine the ones on the 2.8 Galaxy engine would be worth a fair bit more.

Agree on the rest of the comments, its something they need to deal with properly and stop it occouring in the first place, I know someone round here found their car had been removed overnight (accident damaged and it had been parked for years in a shared parking area when it should have been got rid of long before - wasn't repairable as the accident resulted in damage to the sump and radiator, kept running it which then blew a hole in the block as well). Was initially blaming the council for it, until it was pointed out that they wouldn't have collected it in the middle of the night, it had actually been stolen. Can't imagine they would have found much of value on it besides the cat as the rest of it was pretty much totaled and its not possible to scrap a vehicle without a logbook for it.

Cats go for crazy money I fitted a sports cat to a bmw n55 engine last year,original BMW cat flogged on eBay I was amazed a scrap metal dealer paid £480 for it.