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Galaxy Mk1 Crank shaft sensor

Started by i7555p, October 07, 2022, 12:51:43 PM

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Hello all,
Story so far potted version. Car running sweetly as ever, 30 odd miles done, then instantly cut out, with rev counter going straight to zero even though the engine was still spinning.  RAC man's scan said failed crank sensor, the car started again after it had cooled, this made perfect sense.

< Long story, I'll spare you the details>

I attempted to buy a replacement sensor but am confused by the different suppliers view on what is compatible TPS said the OE part number is 037 906 433A, but they no longer keep stock.
I took this part number to another supplier and was sold a Delphi SS10810 and a Starline 494 44 020S.

Both of these look the same as each other but different to the one I took off the car. The original is longer with a metal pip at the business end while the new offerings are shorter with a plastic flat end.  Does the new type look right? it occurs to me that if TPS made a mistake with the number they gave me then I'll be asking everyone else for the wrong thing.

I will try a new Starline one I don't mind getting it dirty and not returning it if wrong as it was much cheaper.  I will report back, hopefully with pictures if I can remember how to post them!



Up date, the starline sensor fitted and it didn't work at all, car started and then immediately stopped, rev counter stayed at zero.  I didn't fit the Delphi one as it looks to be the same design and I want a refund as it was much more expensive.

I have another sensor ordered from a different source for Monday, if it looks the same I will not be inclined to take it out of the box.

I have never seen the fly wheel so I'm not sure what the arrangement is is but I believe it may have one or more magnets attached to it for the sensor to 'see'. Could these have become weak? I'm not convinced as when the engine cuts out it is instant.

I have uploaded pictures of the old and proposed new sensor, the pictures are in the Gallery, apologies to the masters of this forum, I could see how to up load pictures to this thread.

Any thoughts on the two sensors?

To upload photos you have to press the reply button below your post rather than using the quick reply window. All the forum software I've seen seems to be like that for some reason!

The flywheel has teeth, these aren't magnetic in themselves, but they are used to generate a signal through the sensor as they pass. They might become bent in some cases - I don't know on the diesels, but the petrol flywheel has a ring of teeth round the wheel, not indivual teeth that can bend or anything (some other vehicles such as the p38 range rover and Discovery of the same age do have that sort of setup).

Can you see any numbers on the old sensor? I can see the two photos but having only ever had the petrol versions, its hard to work out which one your dealing with.

You might find the parts list more beneficial - http://catcar.info/en/ usually works (though it isn't at this time of course) so you can check against your VIN number. I can do the same using microcat if you can pm me your VIN if you want, though going by the part you already have that you know did work is more likely to give you a useful answer to go on.

The different length sensor will account for it not working as it won't be close enough to pick up on flywheel.
Also even if the starlight was correct I wouldn't have much faith in it working properly.

Mark 1 1.9tdi ve engine I think is Bosch 0986280484 or vw 038957147D

Thank you all, I will see what a different supplier has to offer tomorrow.