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fault codes and vcds-lite questions

Started by regw, December 02, 2022, 02:07:18 PM

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Hi folks
I've been playing with vcds lite on my lappy in the car ( obviously)
and have a few questions
the car is running fine BTW with no engine light on

A: do I have to pay to get VCDS-lite registered/activated?

B: 3 fault codes come up, can anyone shed any light or tips on these please?

Here's the summary
the statements in brackets are what I found when googling the codes

Address 01: Engine       Labels: 038-906-019-AJM.LBL
   Controller: 038 906 019 LD
   Component: 1,9l R4 EDC 0000SG  1595
   Coding: 00002
   Shop #: WSC 00020
   VCID: 64BB2F93E743
3 Faults Found:

17664 -  Engine Coolant Temp Sensor (G62): Open or Short to Plus
            P1256 - 35-10 -   - - Intermittent
Dodgy sensor or wiring maybe? where is it?

16916 - Shareware Version. To Decode all DTCs
            P0532 - 35-10 - Please Register/Activate - Intermittent
(P0532 code may include: Defective or damaged A/C refrigerant pressure sensor)
I assume the AC ac isnt fully up to spec?

17978 - Shareware Version. To Decode all DTCs
            P1570 - 35-00 - Please Register/Activate
(17978/P1570/005488 - Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer)


The top two are intermittent and the last is a static code (set when the car couldn't start). There isn't really anything to worry about there, just reset them all and scan again in a week or so to see if anything comes back. Its unlikely with intermittent ones, unless something isn't working it's probably just an historic code.
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I thought I had deleted the codes a few days ago but will have another go
at the weekend

Re the cost, I looked on the Rosstech website and it looks like its 99 dollars to
register/activate and the thing is, I only drag it out once a year, if that.
and as long as I can get fault codes that'll probably do me.

You don't need the full version unless you want to mess with the coding bits, for general faults the lite version is fine. I had to use the full version with a hex+ lead when changing the instrument cluster on a Golf IV (think it was a IV - 1999 year) as it needed the cluster programming to match the car (also had to use VAG-Tacho from what I remember)